Citizenship Lawyer Services

Citizenship grants individuals access to a broad range of privileges, rights, and benefits. It is an essential part of the American experience, and a New York City Citizenship Lawyer Services can help you through every step of the process.

Obtaining citizenship requires adhering to legal requirements and meticulous preparation. Your attorney can help you understand USCIS expectations and prepare for your interview and language and civics tests.

Immigration Attorneys

Immigration lawyers help individuals navigate the process of becoming citizens of the United States. They can also assist with obtaining visas, such as those for employment or to visit family members. They can also help immigrants apply for legal protection from deportation.

Immigration attorneys can help individuals understand the rules and regulations put forth by USCIS, as well as the consequences of submitting incorrect information or missing a deadline. They can also represent clients during a hearing before an administrative officer.

Immigration legal aid is available for free or at low cost to eligible New York City residents through NIJC’s Immigrant Legal Defense project. The organization also provides free and low-cost services to individuals in Chicago and Goshen, Indiana.

Naturalization Attorneys

Citizenship lawyers help people pursue citizenship by providing guidance and assistance. They can ensure that the application meets all the requirements and address any concerns. They can also help people appeal the government’s denial of their citizenship application. Generally, officials deny citizenship applications for several reasons. They may feel that the applicant lacks good moral character or that they are unable to pass an English and civics exam.

An immigration attorney can help a person through the naturalization process by explaining the eligibility guidelines in an easy-to-understand manner. A lawyer can also assist a person with filing forms, attending interviews and taking part in the oath ceremony. Citizenship comes with a number of benefits, including protection from deportation, the right to vote and the ability to sponsor family members for visas. In addition, it provides the opportunity to work for the U.S. government and unrestricted travel to many countries. For these and other benefits, you should contact a New York immigration attorney today.

Expedited Naturalization Lawyers

The process of becoming a United States citizen involves filing the N-400 form through USCIS, submitting fingerprints, attending an interview and taking a citizenship test. Even minor mistakes can jeopardize the entire application. A qualified citizenship attorney can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Naturalization lawyers can help individuals with the process by ensuring that they meet all of the requirements, including being a lawful permanent resident for at least five years and meeting certain criteria such as English proficiency, good moral character, knowledge of U.S. history and government, and a willingness to take an oath of allegiance. Members of the military and their spouses are also eligible for expedited naturalization under INA section 319(b).

If USCIS denies an individual’s application for citizenship, a lawyer can assist in appealing that decision. Immigration courts have the power to review the denial of a naturalization application and can rule on whether the individual is eligible for citizenship.

Military OneSource

As a military service member, you and your family have access to no-cost legal assistance. You can find help and guidance on everything from reviewing a lease agreement to creating an estate plan or filing adoption papers. For more complicated issues, your installation’s legal assistance office may refer you to a private civilian attorney.

If you’re facing a criminal matter off the installation, your military defense counsel can provide advice and representation on your behalf. You can also ask your legal assistance office if you qualify for pro bono or reduced-fee private civilian representation.

If you’re a service member who is guardian for aging parents or loved ones, you can get expert help from a MilPro elder care consultant. Learn more about this service on the Military OneSource website. You can also connect with experts who offer confidential financial counseling. Get tips on budgeting and saving, including the Thrift Savings Plan and savings deposit program.

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